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ActiveTuning 04-06 Nissan Maxima S4.1 Grille

This FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) hand-laid fiberglass molding is available ready to prime and paint or professionally pre-painted to match your factory color. This new version of the original S4.1 grille features one large center opening more similar to our original Altima grille products. The underhood portion is identical to the OEM part for the best possible fit using the OEM fasteners and trim panel. This part is produced for us by a large manufacturer using some of the industry’s highest quality controls.

2nd Annual ActiveTuning Nissan/Infiniti Super Meet

The 2nd annual Nissan/Infiniti Super Meet, brought to you by ActiveTuning and Frederick Nissan. This event will be the Nissan/Infiniti event of the east coast, and we're very excited to bring it to you! We have the capability to hold around 500 cars, and will have some of the best Nissan's and Infiniti's in the country. Frederick Nissan will be showing a variety of their immaculate showcars and new model Nissan's.

NEW ActiveTuning S4.1 04+ Maxima Grille! Coming Soon!

Based on the S2/S5 Altima Style grille they have announced the creation of a S4.1 Maxima Grille which is due to be out in the Month of January for the 04+ Nissan Maxima. "This is the one that will completely be rid of the "tooth". The grille will be released in January, so stay on the lookout...we're very excited about this one."

ActiveTuning 04-05 Nissan Maxima S4 Grille

Gloss black gel coated FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) hand-laid fiberglass molding ready to prime and paint. This is one the newest of the innovative ActiveTuning grilles for Nissan products. This part is produced to the highest standards and no expense is spared to insure a quality part and a proper fit. The result is an exceptionally high glass-to-resin ratio which results in the strongest and lightest possible part. Two insert meshes are available: A 1/4" X 3/4" oval hole perforated aluminum mesh and a 1/4" diamond mesh.

ActiveTuning Custom 04-05 Nissan Maxima Koni Sport Front Struts

Active Tuning is proud to offer Koni Sport front struts for the 2004+ Nissan Maxima to complement the new KYB rear shock absorbers, and also to provide a complete fully adjustable damping suspension for lowered cars. The use of lowering springs requires special damping characteristics. The mere application of stiffer springs together with ordinary shock absorbers often has a negative impact on road-holding and comfort, and may even lead to dangerous situations. This line focuses on exceptional road-holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort.

04+ Nissan Maxima 8-Way Adjustable Rear Shocks

ActiveTuning is proud to offer a custom modified version of KYB AGX rear shocks for the 2004+ Nissan Maxima. These AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks have manual eight stage adjustable dampening which makes it completely on-the-car adjustable within minutes. With its competition grade engineering and construction, AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts are perfect for sport enthusiasts and high performance drivers. ActiveTuning is dedicated to providing the Nissan enthusiast with unique products.