Carbon Fiber Eyelids 04 + Nissan Maxima

Eyelids for the 2004 + Nissan Maxima. These eyelids are precision cut out of real carbon fiber laminate. With the adhesive already on the back, you only need to clean the area, prep with adhesion promoter, peel and stick.


1995-96 IonicDynamics CF Front lip Review

As we know the 4th generation(1995-1999) Maxima is becoming older and wiser(?) but more so older. As we all know the older a vehicle becomes the lesser its value gets, and the more expensive the aftermarket parts are relative to the cars value. That being said companies like Ionic Dynamics are coming to the realization that some aftermarket support is not only more pricey but also valued more then some of the cars they are being installed on.

1995-96 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber front Lip

Check out the new Ionicdynamics CF front lip for the 95-96 Nissan Maxima. Ionic dynamics molded this kit as a reproduction of the very classy Stillen piece. ID states that the fitment will be perfect just like on the regular FRP lip. Here are the pictures you have been waiting for, and look for a full review of this new piece on Project Maxima.


2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Wing

Ionic Dynamics has developed a new product that they have just finished. It's a replica of the 5th Gen OEM wing made in Carbon Fiber. It will go nicely with or without a CF trunk. Made of Authentic Carbon Fiber construction, we only use UV protected resins that produce a high gloss finish that will last for years. Pictures installed to come for now, here are some final product pictures:


Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler (04-05 Maxima)

Real Carbon Fiber rear window spoiler made for the 04-05 Nissan Maxima. These do not come with double sided tape needed for installation. These rear window spoilers are UV protected with a high gloss finish.


Full size CF roof Spoiler!! IonicDynamics

We at Ionic Dynamics are very proud to announce the release of our new full size CF roof spoiler. It is made of 100% CF & ultra clear UV resins + marine quality clear coats, this means that these covers will not fade or turn yellow in years! installation is very easy, it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. We are making these spoilers for 4th and 5th gen maximas.


RedlineMax NEW 3.5 CF Engine Cover

We are also proud to announce that we are releasing our new Carbon fiber 3.5 Engine Cover!!! This thing is hot!!! The cover has perfect fitment and a great look to add to your engine bay. It will fit ALL 3.5's. We are happy to announce that this is on of the many new projects that is teaming up with Ionic Dynamics to make. We are very pleased with Jose and he's teams production and will be having plenty of things made Exclusively for us by them. Thank You Jose for making these new products for us.


1997-99 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

Authentic Carbon Fiber construction, we only use UV protected resins that produce a high gloss finish that will last for years. If you are looking to stand out this will surely do it! The kit is made by ionicdyanmics and they make the side skirts in fiberglass as well.

2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Trunk

This is the first production trunk lid taken out of the mold, it still has to be polished, blaked out and have the edges smoothed. Please note the natural gloss that guarantees a show quality finish..


Paradox Systems A33 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

We at Paradox Systems are still working on the Infiniti A33 body kit. We had some help test fitting the kit and there was a problem with the rear piece. It did not fit at all. That problem is still being corrected. In the meantime, we would like to offer a Carbon Fiber front lip for the 2000+ A33 I30/I35. The mold for the front lip is perfect and instead of it sitting there going to waste while we finish the kit, we will produce a limited number of CF front lips.



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