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*NEW* Cattman TiBar FSTB Available Soon

We'll be releasing the long-awaited (at least by me) Cattman TiBar FSTB this coming week. It features a dual tube titanium cross bar, with black-anodized billet aluminum centerpiece and end sockets. The full-circle brackets at the ends are black powdercoat steel. As you would expect the bar is extremely light weight and rigid, you can pick it up with your little finger. Its meant to work better than anything out there and look outstanding under the hood.

VQ30DE Performance Cams Now Available!

Jim Wolf Technologies has developed for the 1995-2001 Maxima/I30 VQ30DE engine are FINALLY available. Supply is still very limited, but we'll have a couple sets in stock, ready to ship early this coming week.

JWT really took a long time getting these right, but used their very sophisticated software to do the design work. The cams are the missing link for opening up this engine. Even forcing air into it has limitations until the cam profiles are taken care of -- now that issue is solved.