Paradox Systems Cefiro Coilover System

Featuring fully adjustable dampening and full-height adjustment. The adjustment of the damper is as simple as can be with a built-in knob at the top of the damper mount for easy access. The height adjustment is made easy with CNC-Machined locking perches for accuracy and smooth adjustment. You can raise your car up to factory height for OEM appearance with performance handling or you can drop your car all the way down for an aggressive stance lowering your center of gravity to gain full potential of your car?s handling capabilities.


Infiniti I30 "Hiro" style kit

They are based off the Cefiro "Hiro" style kit w/ some slight modifications to fit onto the USDM I30.
Price will be $700 + shipping. It is the first and only USDM I30 kit to be made, to my knowledge.


JDM Cefiro Aluminum 'EL-Glow' Doorsills

RedlineMax.com Exclusive. NOT available anywhere else in the USA.

Japanese One-piece Cefiro Headlights

Yes, that is right ONE piece headlights for your Maxima or I30! These are OEM equiptment deriving from the Nissan Cefiro in Japan so that provides a direct bolt-on fit to your Infiniti I30. To have them install on your Maxima would require some slight modification to the assembly itself NOT to your car body.

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