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cover Carbon Engine Cover Review

CustomMaxima (a CustomEnterprise division) is constantly trying to produce new and exciting things for the Nissan Maxima. Whether it be Interior/Exterior/Engine bay components they never cease to dazzles us when new creations come into the real world. Their newest creation just happens to be a full Carbon Fiber valve cover, which replaces the factory "Nissan V6 3000" cover. With the up and coming Nissan Maxima show car owners, they always want to be a step ahead, and this new modification will surely set you apart from the rest.


4th gen Carbon Fiber spark plug cover

IonicDynamics carbon fiber spark plug cover are made out of 100% carbon fiber they will come ready to install, no extra modifications needed. They will be shipped out via priority second and three day mail. When Jose from Ionic promises quality, be sure to expect it, these are a fine item, and will set your engine bay off from everyone else. Price currently set for $149 shipped as a Group deal package price. For more information follow the link: