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Diamond Plate Trunk Liner (00-03 Maxima)

CNC cut polished diamond plate inserts that will fit into your trunk. All edges have been hand grinded down to minimize sharp edges but it is recommended that something such as door trim is used along the edges if you are worried about cutting your hands or anything else.


The liner comes in two pieces because one large piece would be very difficult to install and remove from your trunk.It greatly improves the look of an empty trunk without a system or add to the look of a car with a box in place.

Evolution AutoDesign -- Diamond Plate Floor Matts

Our precision CAD designed diamond plate floor mats are made from highly polished lightweight aluminum and are meant to bring a show winning look to any interior. Carefully designed to fit perfectly into Maximas with no movement or shifting. Since our mats are cut specifically for each model car we guarantee their fitment. All floor mats come in sets of 4 unless otherwise noted. Full size fitted rear mats are included on 4th and 5th Gen versions. Diamond plate floor mats will provide safety and comfort.