SSR Engineering 3.5L Turbo Kit Complete

Fitment testing for the 3.5L Maxima engine bay will be done in the matter of weeks. For now we will be showing some pictures of the kit installed on a 3.5L Nissan Altima. More information will be posted when we receive it.

SSR Engineering Released a Dyno sheet of 348WHP/386TQ at 5.5 psi

Variable-Intake Runner Length Manifold Kit

This product has been raved over at Maxima.org for quite some time now as it being only avaliable through importing from Australia and the like. Only recently has CourtesyNissan picked up on this hot selling item and jumped the gun and has bought these systems in bulk as to try to sell them at a more reasonable price.

Possible Cattman Headers!!

I haven't said anything about this project because I wanted to do the testing first, but I'm quite pleased to report that I've put a beautiful set of prototype headers on my 97 Maxima and they make some pretty good power. And they sound incredible!

Here's the basic information...

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