Chris (Car of the Month February 2008)

One of the most modified 6th generation Maximas has just hit the ranks of Maxima of the Month, see what it took!


Michael (Car of the Month February 2006)

Michael took pampering your car to the extreme with this abnormally clean Nissan Maxima.... Read on to see what I mean.

Tony (Car of the Month February 2004)

Tony did this car from front to back in the most dazzling array of modifications ever accomplished on a car of this category. It comes with as much show as it does go. Good work Tony, Read on...

Engine Performance

James Kessell (Car of the Month Feb 2003)

As I was stumbling through the internet I came across this next maxima which seemed to take a drastic face lift. From its Aggressive front end to its subtle but forthcoming rear. The Inside is also a beauty from its nice little gadgets to its very clean stereo system in the trunk! I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...

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