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Frankencar Catback System (1999.5-2003)

Frankencar Performance is proud to announce it's catback exhaust system for the 1999.5-2003 Nissan Maxima and Infiniti I30/I35. The exhaust system is constructed from only the highest quality parts available. Frankencar Exhaust's feature a Dual Tip design to keep the classy look of the car intact. Mounting hangers are placed in the same factory positions to keep the vibration to a minimum.

FrankenCAR Performance Product Update

FrankenCAR says on their website, "The sound you will get with this intake is utterly incredible, it?s sure to give your neighbors a shock!!! Increases intake velocity and smoothes out airflow over traditional pop style intake, without the high end restrictions from a traditional long tube CAI, this hybrid intake is the perfect all around setup. No drilling, no permanent modifications, no danger of sucking up water from a low hanging filter." FrankenCAR states that with complete confidence and amazingly they were 100% right!

FrankenCAR Performance Product Review

FrankenCAR states on their Website, "FrankenCAR Performance was started to aid the needs of those wishing to get more performance out of their car. Most car enthusiasts look for quality and gains along with a great price and ease of install.. We at FrankenCAR Performance strive to deliver the best quality among all of our products."