NWP Engineering Full VQ35 Swap in 92 Maxima

Aaron, owner of NWPEngineering, took on a special task of installing a full VQ35DE into his 1992 Nissan Maxima SE Auto. What that swap entailed was a complete ECU, harness, cluster, and sensors from the donor vehicle. Not to make things more difficult but this was not just a standard engine transplant but a completely overhauled and built VQ35 made to run the 1320. "No Dyno numbers. I'm really only concerned about how fast the car actually is instead of what kind of power it puts down to the wheels."

Cattman VQ30DE headers pictures

Here are the pics we shot today of the Cattman Performance VQ30DE header system. I'll let the picture pretty much speak for itself, but will note that the quality of welding and craftsmanship is outstanding, my Kiwi mates did well.

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