7th Gen. Maxima Teaser Photos

Sporting New Wheels, A more sleek body line with improved headlights and taillights this Maxima will surely please the upcoming 7th Generation Maxima anticipators.

First Turbocharged 6th Gen(2004+) Maxima

Introducing the first Turbocharged 6th Generation Nissan Maxima, powered by the SFR (Speed Force Racing) Stage 2 Turbo Kit. The complete Install/custom fabrications were professional done in Maryland on this 2004 5-spd Automatic. Power is rated at 300WHP for the Stage 1 Kit while this Stage 2 is well over 350HP at 8PSI, dyno proven. Upgrades such as 440CC Injectors, 60-1 hi-fi turbocharger, FTC fuel and timing controller, Spearco intercoler, Tial 38mm wastegate are some of things included in this Stage 2 Package. New 5th gen bumper

Well as most of you may know we have been producing a new front bumper for the 6th gen guys. The pictures of the bumper were deputed at the Northeast meet yesterday and received a great review. So here goes.. The first picture is of the poster that was made of the bumper, the second and third are rough pictures of the production plug. All that is needed to be made on this bumper is the center bar in the kit. The mold will be completed this week and rolled out early next week.

SSR/SFR Turbo Kit for 5th Generation Maxima

Over the last year, SSR Engineering and SFR(SpeedForceRacing) out of California have been custom fabricating their T04E Turbo Kit from the 02+ Nissan Altima to mount into the 2002+ Nissan Maxima. After much delay and time consuming hours of hard work they are finally able to unveil this beautiful setup.

The first pics of SSR/SFR's Turbo kit for the 5th/5.5th Gen Maximas...

Carbonfiber Hood for 4th & 5th Gens!

Sorry for the delay but finally I got some pics of installed cf hoods on 4th gen 5th gen for yall. Thanks to Agyei and Joe for making the trip out in this crappy weather to have the install done. Thanks to Initial D for offering the great prices on hood install.

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