3.5L HotShot Headers

The Hotshot Performance VQ35 Header prototype was completed yesterday (January 9th). This is also a pre-production header. All of the production headers will be ceramic coated and look beautiful. HotShot told us first to second week of January and they are right on. We should be getting our shipment in before too long. These should make better power since HS uses a longer-tube design.


Stone Racing Headers now avaliable

That is right, you havent read that wrong.. They are avaliable and ready to sell! Stone Racing out of the UK has just developed this header system for the 95-99 Nissan Maxima. They are a set of Short headers, which plug in just before the Y-pipe leading out from the cylinders.

Possible Cattman Headers!!

I haven't said anything about this project because I wanted to do the testing first, but I'm quite pleased to report that I've put a beautiful set of prototype headers on my 97 Maxima and they make some pretty good power. And they sound incredible!

Here's the basic information...

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