HIDKitWarehouse 3000K HID Kit

New Kasei 8000K HID lighting system

The Brand is Kasei Lighting (website: http://kaseilights.com ).
Each HID lighting kit comes with wiring connectors/harness, Xenon HID bulbs, starters and ballasts, mounting brackets, extra fuse (for cars with lower wattage), 3M mounting tapes, zip ties and complete installation illustration diagram. Full 9 month product warranty against defects.

Available in 9004, H3, H4, 9006, 9007 in Blue, White and Purple. Kasei Lights Automotive Accessories and Lighting Products is affiliated with SEMA.

Ossamah (Car of the Month June 2003)

Alright, we are back in the mix of black on maxima Nissan maxima and to start them off again we would like to have Ossamah's blazing beauty strut its stuff, from the HID's to the Stillen exhaust, this is it, and a bag of chips! Read on...

Engine Performance

5th Gen Maxima HID Angel/Demon Eyes Project now complete

After about a month and a half of prototyping, the angel eyes / demon eyes for 5th gen maximas are complete. i've been working with the creator, UMNITZA INC. this person has done the IS300 angel eyes and if anyone has been following the angel eyes project, it was successful with the IS300 forum, but it was also because of their help. now it is our turn to get angel eyes for our cars. but obviously, our help is needed because there are always costs. i will let Matt, aka UMNITZA take over and discuss everything that is needed. he will cover all of the details.

Matrix HID Lighting Kit

If your looking to light up the road and just about everything in between, then you would really need to invest in an HID headlight conversion kit. Having HID driving lights makes it easy to drive at night and much safer on those dark windy roads. For a limited time ISPMotorsports will be holding its prices on two HID options...

8000k Blue HID = $430.00
6000k Purple HID = $410.00

Angela Liu (Car of the Month Sept 2002)

Car of the MonthThis 1997 Nissan Maxima is owned by a very special owner, a Owner name Angela Liu. It dazzles many and astonishes

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