New Kasei 8000K HID lighting system

The Brand is Kasei Lighting (website: ).
Each HID lighting kit comes with wiring connectors/harness, Xenon HID bulbs, starters and ballasts, mounting brackets, extra fuse (for cars with lower wattage), 3M mounting tapes, zip ties and complete installation illustration diagram. Full 9 month product warranty against defects.

Available in 9004, H3, H4, 9006, 9007 in Blue, White and Purple. Kasei Lights Automotive Accessories and Lighting Products is affiliated with SEMA.

Arnaud (Car of the Month January 2002)

Ok, all the way from the Tri-State area we have the one and only Arnaud making a showing on VQpower for the Month of January. The car has an array of Lighting, Audio, and Performance mods that make it an all around car for show and riding around with the bass up. I give a two thumbs up to this one! Read on...

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