First Turbocharged 6th Gen(2004+) Maxima

Introducing the first Turbocharged 6th Generation Nissan Maxima, powered by the SFR (Speed Force Racing) Stage 2 Turbo Kit. The complete Install/custom fabrications were professional done in Maryland on this 2004 5-spd Automatic. Power is rated at 300WHP for the Stage 1 Kit while this Stage 2 is well over 350HP at 8PSI, dyno proven. Upgrades such as 440CC Injectors, 60-1 hi-fi turbocharger, FTC fuel and timing controller, Spearco intercoler, Tial 38mm wastegate are some of things included in this Stage 2 Package.

Joe (Car of the Month June 2007)

Quite possibly the HOTTEST 2000-03 Maxima to date! Check inside to see what Joe did to get that title!



Carbon Fiber Eyelids 04 + Nissan Maxima

Eyelids for the 2004 + Nissan Maxima. These eyelids are precision cut out of real carbon fiber laminate. With the adhesive already on the back, you only need to clean the area, prep with adhesion promoter, peel and stick.


4th Gen Maxima with JDM Nissan Gloria VQ30DET

From the mouths of those involved:


Freddy (Car of the Month March 2007)



Freddy can really build a special breed of Maxima, CHECK THIS OUT!



FUJITA Cold Air Intake for 04-06 Maxima

Eric (Car of the Month December 2006)



Eric sure knows how make a subtle but aggressive 97 Maxima.... Read on to see what I mean.



Now Available Nissan Maxima 04+ FLT-A2 VIP!


Finally available is the FLT-A2 VIP Coilover system for the A34 2004 + Nissan Maxima! These FLT-A2 Coilovers are designed for comfort, a sport ride, and for a nice VIP stance. A comfortable 7kg front spring and 6kg rear progressive spring for maximum ride quality. Ride height is also adjustable for a lower stance and a 15 way adjustable monotube damper allows for fine suspension tuning.

MaximaGirl on TV



Brooke A.K.A MaximaGirl making her presence known on FUSE TV. Not only is it a sight to see a girl really into the tuner scene, but a beautiful one at that.. :D

Marcus (Car of the Month November 2006)



Custom speaks louder than bolt on.... Read on to see what I mean.




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