IRotors 1994-2001 MAXIMA Front/Rear Combo

When you are barreling down the road in your Maxima and its about that time to hit the brakes. Don't you wish they would stop that much more and not be so slushy?? Well IRotors may have something to solve all of your braking system woe's come in and check out what they have to offer you all. It surely wont break your wallet and add some style to your ride all at the same time.

Mardis breaking 11.5 @ 121MPH

Early Last Race season, Matthew Pelto trapped a record breaking 11.91 @ 117mph in his 98 GXE. During off season Matt tuned a bit raising boost pressure from 13.5psi to an incredible 16.5psi with a wet 30 shot of nitrous. Warming up his Slicks, and launching at near 7k he was able to cover the 1320 in a new set time of 11.5 @ 121mph. Congrats to Matthew and his sponsor for making such things happen in the Maxima community.


SSR/SFR Turbo Kit for 5th Generation Maxima

Over the last year, SSR Engineering and SFR(SpeedForceRacing) out of California have been custom fabricating their T04E Turbo Kit from the 02+ Nissan Altima to mount into the 2002+ Nissan Maxima. After much delay and time consuming hours of hard work they are finally able to unveil this beautiful setup.

The first pics of SSR/SFR's Turbo kit for the 5th/5.5th Gen Maximas...

Naturally Aspirated Maxima breaks 12's..

Matthew Williams of Charlotte, NC was successfully able to dip his 2002 6spd manual Nissan Maxima into the 12 second mark for his first pass of the day at Rockingham Dragway. Matthew's most recent NA times were from last March of '04 when he ran a 13.19@ 107.33 on 22x8-15 MT Drag slicks, while previous Nitrous runs netted a 12.99(correction).

Brandon (Car of the Month Jan 2005)

From the street to the show, Brandon knows how... Read on to see what I mean.


Engine Performance


2000-03 Nissan Maxima Carbon Fiber Trunk

This is the first production trunk lid taken out of the mold, it still has to be polished, blaked out and have the edges smoothed. Please note the natural gloss that guarantees a show quality finish..


William (Car of the Month Dec 2004)

Coming in from South Florida this Maxima is dressed for show... Read on to see what I mean.

Engine Performance


1995-1998 Custom Enterprise SS Y-Pipe/Hi-Flow Cat Review

Maxima Tuners are constantly looking for those bang for the buck performance mods that will net them a large gross throughout the entire power band. When you think about it, what is the most restrictive part of the Maxima exhaust system? The Ypipe!

2004 Nissan Maxima Sprint Performance Lowering Springs

Sprint Performance Suspension lowering springs are made with the enthusiast in mind. They combine the best of both worlds, a great ride at a height that enthusiasts want. Sprint Springs are designed, tested and engineered in-house by Sprint. All Sprint Springs are shot-peered, heat-treated, pres-set, inspected, tested and performance powder coated to insure a lifetime of durability. They are manufactured in the USA using the finest chrome silicon steel on computerized CNC machines.

Alfonso (Car of the Month Sept 2004)

The tuner side of Maxima modifying from the West Coast. Read on to see what I mean.

Engine Performance



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