Tony (Car of the Month February 2004)

Tony did this car from front to back in the most dazzling array of modifications ever accomplished on a car of this category. It comes with as much show as it does go. Good work Tony, Read on...

Engine Performance Tokico Suspension Review Adjustable STS Review

Carbon Fiber Trunk Lids(97-99)

The time has come and the Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid is finally ready for production. Finally. After the creation of 3 separate molds, about 2 full on finished attempts, we have finally come out with a perfect mold and a trunk lid worthy of resale.

Eibach Pro Kit Springs for 04 Maxima

Coming from a line of Eibach springs for the earlier generation Maxima's, we can come to assume that these springs would provide a more aggressive feel and a firm, but tolerable ride. They are rated at 2.00" lowering in the front, and a tiny .8" lowering in the rear. The stance is equaled out nicely with this set of springs, paired with the factory dampers, it makes for a very comfortable ride. Pictures inside...


Marko (Car of the Month October 2003)

This car has been touched on the basics as well as the not so basic modifications, giving it a well-rounded appeal that we can appreciate. Read on...
Engine Performance



Kirk (Car of the Month September 2003)

This car has seen its share of up's and down's but it has been one of those that you would like to see it prosper and keep its dignity. What Kirk did was provided a more pleasurable taste to the scene of modifying an automatic Maxima. I nice little snail under the hood did the trick.. Read on...

Cattman (PR) CAI for the 2004 Maxima

A Message from one of our sponsors "Cattman Performance", this message includes information on how this potential intake system can be manufactured with the right amount of user participation. If you have a 2004 Maxima and would like to see how you can get something like this done, please join us inside.

Japanese One-piece Cefiro Headlights

Yes, that is right ONE piece headlights for your Maxima or I30! These are OEM equiptment deriving from the Nissan Cefiro in Japan so that provides a direct bolt-on fit to your Infiniti I30. To have them install on your Maxima would require some slight modification to the assembly itself NOT to your car body.

Mossy Peformance Billet Grille for the 2004 Maxima

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the modifications are coming in and they look pretty decent so far. Here is a New one, coming straight from the Mossy Performance shops, a custom billet grille which is a direct replacement to the OEM style grille of the 2004 maximas. The look as of a trenz grille for the 95-99 Maxima, but with an embedded nissan emblem fitted in the center of the assembly, making for a nice touch. This Setup is priced to start at $260 Retail.


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