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After much deliberation through the years, we at have decided to allow on-site discussions between our members via a newly installed Forum Software. Furthermore, we have designated forums specifically targeted to the sale and purchasing of Modifications between our members. VQpower does advise users to read carefully before purchasing or selling any items.

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2009 Nissan Maxima Official Pictures

Possible Spy Shot of 2009 Maxima

Introducing the NEW Sticker


Constructed in silver and now white colors!! These stickers are a perfect fit for your rear quarter window or any other section of your car. They come in bright white or silver color which is easy to read on most tints, with a more than legible font. Prices start at $3.10/1 and $5.15/2 (paypal fee included). Paypal to with Name, address, and how many you need.


The New VQ35HR Motor


Key Features of the HR Motor:


2007 Nissan Maxima Photos

New Sarona Design Bodykit

For this next Bodykit Application, Sarona has stepped up from their previous Kit and made this one more pronounced and noticeable. Although its appearance is slightly lower then its predecessor the stylish fascia gives the look of a demonish performing automobile. The Rear of the new Bodykit is also different as there is an open ended spilt directly in the center of the rear.

Stone Racing Headers now avaliable

That is right, you havent read that wrong.. They are avaliable and ready to sell! Stone Racing out of the UK has just developed this header system for the 95-99 Nissan Maxima. They are a set of Short headers, which plug in just before the Y-pipe leading out from the cylinders.

*NEW* Upcoming 2004 Nissan Maxima to Debut!

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