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NWP Engineering Introduces its 75MM Big Bore Throttle Body Kit

Kit includes the following:
NWP Engineering Tapered Big Bore Throttle Body Adapter Plate (patent pending)
NWP Engineering Port Matched Throttle Body Gasket
4 Zinc Plated Self-Locking Adapter Plate bolts
4 Zinc Plated Throttle Body bolts w/ washers
Printed Detailed Installation Instructions with Photos
Two Die Cut Silver Vinyl NWP Engineering Decals
Brand new 75mm OEM Nissan Hitachi Electronic Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body
Genuine Plug & Play Adapter Wire Harness

SSR VQ35DE Twin Turbo Kit

Hey everybody, the long awaited G35 Twin Turbo / Twin Intercooled kit is finally finished. We finished earlier tonight, got time to plug in a base map and get some test runs out of it before we called it a night. Tommorow we will have dyno results as well as the results from the stock plenum vs our own.

For those that arent aware, the Maxima VQ35 kit is in the works as of right now. Please expect them sometime in the next month or two.

-SSR Engineering

A Blast from the past, when the VQ hit its mark in the Enthusiasts world.

Inside contains a Collection of quotes from various Magazines when the first 4th generation model came to rise and Mags took their test cars out to play. The Sheer amazement that these mags found from this engine/car doesn't show how far this engine has went since then, and is still going on today.