NWP Engineering Thermal Intake Spacer Kits for the 00-01 Maxima!

NWP Engineering is proud to finally announce the release of the 00-01 Nissan Maxima Hardware Kit! This kit will allow you to install the 95-99 Maxima Thermal Intake Spacers on your 00-01 Intake Manifold.

VQ30DE Intake Manifold Spacer Kit Review

During those HOT summers, don't you wish there was a solution to the decline in response and performance once that dreaded heat soak process has taken effect? Heat Soak occurs when heat is applied and not dissipated at an equal rate causing the material to flood with overwhelming tempature limits. That being said Aaron Kimball of NWP Engineering has thought of an easy solution to keep those intake temperatures at optimal levels.

NWP Engineering Phenolic Thermal Intake Spacers - 4th gen VQ30DE Maxima

Now that testing of the prototype is complete for the 4th gen Maxima, we are able to provide concrete information. On Feb 9th, dawalkster came out for his 2nd and final visit. We were able to install and fully test the 4th gen Intake Spacer Kit. Full temperature and dyno testing was conducted using the same exact engine warmup procedure. For both the temp and dyno testing, averages were taken to get the most accurate results possible.

Testing was done on a 96 Nissan Maxima 5spd with only a JWT ECU Pop Charger.

Nissan Works - Phenolic Thermal Intake Manifold Spacer Kit


Prevent heat from transferring from your heads to intake manifold and throttle body!

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