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Performance Updates for 2009 Maxima

Finally Released are Stillen's Newest Products for the 2009 Nissan Maxima, Strut Tower Bar, Catback Exhaust and Hi-Flow Intake Kit.

The STILLEN Hi-Flow consists of a either a precision machined ring and a gauze element (cleanable) filter or the newer K&N cone filters which incorporate a velocity stack which uses the venturi effect to accelerate air intake speed.

ActiveTuning Custom 04-05 Nissan Maxima Koni Sport Front Struts

Active Tuning is proud to offer Koni Sport front struts for the 2004+ Nissan Maxima to complement the new KYB rear shock absorbers, and also to provide a complete fully adjustable damping suspension for lowered cars. The use of lowering springs requires special damping characteristics. The mere application of stiffer springs together with ordinary shock absorbers often has a negative impact on road-holding and comfort, and may even lead to dangerous situations. This line focuses on exceptional road-holding and handling properties, combined with an acceptable level of comfort.

Long-travel rear shock mounts

Ben Garner has developed a replacement rear shock mount that restores most of the suspension travel lost when installing lowering springs. These mounts move the mounting point of the shock piston relative to the top of the spring. This increase in travel smoothens out the ride and makes handling more stable. They are made from steel with a polyurethane coating to resist rust. All mounting hardware is included. Installation instructions will be provided with each set.

This pic shows how the shock piston is relocated:

Bomz Racing 00-up Nissan Maxima Front Upper Strut Bar

Bomz Racing Strut Bars and Lower Tie-barsare constructed with the highest quality materials. Unlike our competitions, our main bar is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum alloy instead of just a steel tube, machined into the specific length and angle to the application, and then chrome plated to a mirror finish. Our mounting plates are made from high-strength steel, and powder-coated to a long lasting silver finish.