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Cattman Pedders Suspension Kit

Basing our review from factory suspension, this Pedders system uses a slightly shorter and more aggressive spring to allow the car the stance and also the stiffness it needs to handle the decreased ground clearance. The strut body is of gloss black coloring with the Pedders name stamp on each assembly. They also incorporate all the necessary brake line connections to secure the lines to the assembly. As you may have noticed these are labeled Pedders Comfort Gas Suspension, named after its Australian designers Pedders Performance.

Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits

Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology featuring its 36-way adjustable dampening, adjustable spring perch, adjustable body and pillow-ball mounts. The Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover kit has been designed with professional road racing in mind offering extremely high value and performance. [pictures inside]


Key Features:

Long-travel rear shock mounts

Ben Garner has developed a replacement rear shock mount that restores most of the suspension travel lost when installing lowering springs. These mounts move the mounting point of the shock piston relative to the top of the spring. This increase in travel smoothens out the ride and makes handling more stable. They are made from steel with a polyurethane coating to resist rust. All mounting hardware is included. Installation instructions will be provided with each set.

This pic shows how the shock piston is relocated:

2004 Nissan Maxima Sprint Performance Lowering Springs

Sprint Performance Suspension lowering springs are made with the enthusiast in mind. They combine the best of both worlds, a great ride at a height that enthusiasts want. Sprint Springs are designed, tested and engineered in-house by Sprint. All Sprint Springs are shot-peered, heat-treated, pres-set, inspected, tested and performance powder coated to insure a lifetime of durability. They are manufactured in the USA using the finest chrome silicon steel on computerized CNC machines.

Updated Tokico Suspension Review

After almost a month on this suspension, things have been extremely great. Not only is the ride very comfortable, but turning capabilities have gone up exponentially. The key is to adjust the shock absorber settings to compensate for the spring rate of the springs and not for ride comfort (ranges from: 1 soft - 5 hard). Because of the use of pressurized oil in the Tokico shocks, early morning driving brings about suspension noise which goes away after pressure has built up. After a week or so of driving, the suspension had finally settled into the spring seats.


Tein to release the Basic Damper kit

Tein will be releasing the DSP28-LUSS2 Basic Damper Kit for the 95-99s in the first half of May. List price will be $890!!!!



Spring rate: Front (391 lbs/in=7.00 kgf/mm) and Rear (335 lbs/in=6.00 kgf/mm)
Ride height: Front -3.00" inches!!!!! Rear -2.2"
Ride height adjustability range: Front -1.7 to -3.6"
                                              Rear 0.1 to -2.9"