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Tein Type BASIC Damper for 2004+ Maxima

Tein Type BASIC damper is for the driver that is seeking high performance with a reasonable price. The Basic damper MSRP starts at $750.00, which includes 4 springs and 4 shocks. Compared to the "sleeve type" coil over, the Type Basic has a more exclusive set up for a better balance of suspension travel and damping force.


Tein to release the Basic Damper kit

Tein will be releasing the DSP28-LUSS2 Basic Damper Kit for the 95-99s in the first half of May. List price will be $890!!!!



Spring rate: Front (391 lbs/in=7.00 kgf/mm) and Rear (335 lbs/in=6.00 kgf/mm)
Ride height: Front -3.00" inches!!!!! Rear -2.2"
Ride height adjustability range: Front -1.7 to -3.6"
                                              Rear 0.1 to -2.9"

TEIN S.Tech Lowering Springs for 2000+ Maxima

Easy suspension tuning is in your hands. S - Tech was made so that everyone can enjoy sports driving. Based on original specification so that the installation is easy. Full compliance with car inspection with Great styling. Plus funner to drive. The highest quality all brought to you at great prices.