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First Turbocharged 6th Gen(2004+) Maxima

Introducing the first Turbocharged 6th Generation Nissan Maxima, powered by the SFR (Speed Force Racing) Stage 2 Turbo Kit. The complete Install/custom fabrications were professional done in Maryland on this 2004 5-spd Automatic. Power is rated at 300WHP for the Stage 1 Kit while this Stage 2 is well over 350HP at 8PSI, dyno proven. Upgrades such as 440CC Injectors, 60-1 hi-fi turbocharger, FTC fuel and timing controller, Spearco intercoler, Tial 38mm wastegate are some of things included in this Stage 2 Package.

Mardis breaking 11.5 @ 121MPH

Early Last Race season, Matthew Pelto trapped a record breaking 11.91 @ 117mph in his 98 GXE. During off season Matt tuned a bit raising boost pressure from 13.5psi to an incredible 16.5psi with a wet 30 shot of nitrous. Warming up his Slicks, and launching at near 7k he was able to cover the 1320 in a new set time of 11.5 @ 121mph. Congrats to Matthew and his sponsor for making such things happen in the Maxima community.


SSR/SFR Turbo Kit for 5th Generation Maxima

Over the last year, SSR Engineering and SFR(SpeedForceRacing) out of California have been custom fabricating their T04E Turbo Kit from the 02+ Nissan Altima to mount into the 2002+ Nissan Maxima. After much delay and time consuming hours of hard work they are finally able to unveil this beautiful setup.

The first pics of SSR/SFR's Turbo kit for the 5th/5.5th Gen Maximas...

SSR VQ35DE Twin Turbo Kit

Hey everybody, the long awaited G35 Twin Turbo / Twin Intercooled kit is finally finished. We finished earlier tonight, got time to plug in a base map and get some test runs out of it before we called it a night. Tommorow we will have dyno results as well as the results from the stock plenum vs our own.

For those that arent aware, the Maxima VQ35 kit is in the works as of right now. Please expect them sometime in the next month or two.

-SSR Engineering

Yet Another Turbo System on the Rise!

Thats right .. finally another kit available for you all, with quite frankly the best price around so far. This kit includes the works, included in the extended story, you will find that this kit is fully customizable to your setup up you currently have. (Ex. You have a Greddy Exhaust installed beforehand, price would be altered for without the exhaust system included)

I would have to say this is the best buy for the money, and there are a couple videos of this setup in the Downloads section of this site.