2004+ Custom Enterprise SS Y-Pipe Review

Recently we tested CustomEnterprises 1995-99 Ypipe system, which proved to be really well constructed and designed. For our next test we are going to see how well they have kept to their attention to detail with their 2004+ Ypipe System. Although with the 2002+ Maxima's the most beneficial result would be to swap out the entire header/ypipe system CE has given the option of swapping out a somewhat significant part of that system.

1995-1998 Custom Enterprise SS Y-Pipe/Hi-Flow Cat Review

Maxima Tuners are constantly looking for those bang for the buck performance mods that will net them a large gross throughout the entire power band. When you think about it, what is the most restrictive part of the Maxima exhaust system? The Ypipe!

2004+ Maxima Y-Pipe

2002-2003 Maxima Y pipes are in production now!

WarpSpeed Performance out of Avoca, Arkansas has come with one of the true performance parts for the Nissan Maxima. One of the most restrictive areas in the Nissan exhaust system is the y-pipe, it carries the load of two, yes, TWO catalysts, which not only are big but hold the car from the additional 6-7 potential horsepower hp (4th generation test results) that it has.

Angela Liu (Car of the Month Sept 2002)

Car of the MonthThis 1997 Nissan Maxima is owned by a very special owner, a Owner name Angela Liu. It dazzles many and astonishes

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